Nordsten 2005

Nordsten was a visual performance about an old lighthouse keeper who just can’t get used to the idea that the sea has vanished. In the middle of new farmland, he bravely keeps his lighthouse running. The water of irrigation systems are the waves he cherishes, every night he switches on his light. Until one day a tractor appears. It demolishes his carefully constructed world and ushers the dawn of a new era.


The story is about the courage to give up your old dreams in order to enter new ones. Nordsten was the first performance of Prins te Paard in de rural area of Flevoland, with massive agricultural machines, farmers, two horses and a solo artist.

video Nordsten by Klaas Eissens


Rutger Bergboer: spel, decor
Liset Moerdijk: licht, voettocht
Ton van Wolde: zakelijke leiding
Heleen Bouwman: kostuum
Etienne Borgers: geluid
Jeannette van Steen: speladvies
Jac-Y-Do: webdesign
Familie van Oorschot: speellocatie
Familie Moerdijk: repetitielocatie
Piet Nieuwint: geluidsdecor
Katja Kolhorn: bediening geluid
Will Jan Pielage, Peak audio: geluidsset
Stichting Belichtingstechniek NOP: lichtset
Lieven Slabbinck: vuurtorenvlam
Wiepke Poldervaart: advies Klaas Eissens: video
Foto’s: Henry KrulEric Bakker

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