Dijk-in '14

A high dike , a FM transmitter and your car radio. These are the ingredients of the ‘Dijk- in’ drive-in theatre show. In May 2014 Festival Karavaan invited Prins te Paard to carry out a re-make of the 2007 show.

It was staged on the ‘Hondsbosse- and Petten-dam, perhaps the most famous (and infamous) dike in the Netherlands. From the Festival Central area in the village of Petten the public drove in their cars the to the seaside of this colossal sea defense. Handbrake on, engine off! As the sun went down in the rearview mirror, the dike came to life.

The audience was taken on a comical journey through the history of dam construction in the Netherlands. A radio reporter on the dike, together with a reporter in the radio studio report about the centuries-long struggle against the water. In the end the land is given back to the sea with a sigh of relief. 120 meter-wide moving animations projected on the dike, moving water effects, sound from your car stereo , a brass band and two almost flying sea nymphs made ​​for a great spectacle .



DIJK IN '14 official trailer



Met dank aan Pat van Boekel, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, Moritz aan Zee, de oom van Piet voor het lenen van het busje, Toep&Silke, alle vrijwilligers en vele anderen.

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