When the OORD-festival asked us to make a show for their festival we didn’t hesistate. The idea to make a spectaculair show at such a place, in a very short time, was absolutely alluring.

The story of Sirens is about a man who is dreaming to reclaim the land of a small lake. When he actually starts to pump the water away he finds out that there are already creatures living on the bottom of the lake. He finally decides to replace his dream for another.

Prins te Paard has managed to create a fairytale atmosphere with lots of light, sound and water, making an unforgettable spectacle for over 700 spectators.



Gemaakt door:

Concept : Liset Moerdijk, Rutger Bergboer
Spel: Rutger Bergboer, Leonie Dijkema, Karen Mulder
Geluidsontwerp: Etienne Borgers
Lichtontwerp: Liset Moerdijk
Projecties: Rosan Rongen
Productie en techniek: Remco Schilder, Arie Mulder, Nienke Weijssenfeld, Henk Jan Nijboer, Mark Prins, Dagmar Verhulst

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Peter Weevers, Peter Cordes, Marina Schokkerstrand, fam. Oosterlaan, fam. Rongen, de duikers, de bewakers, de etenkokers, Oord festival


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Koos Prins
Prins te Paard

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