Prins te Paard

Prins te Paard started in 2005. Initiators Liset Moerdijk (land designer) and Rutger Bergboer (theatre director) share a deep passion for visual location theatre, putting the limelight on people, places and stories. With a team of theatre artists, engineers, sound designers, builders, porters and actors Prins te Paard creates theatre projects that stand out. With or without spoken text. With light and sound, water and fire. With all that is fitting and available. That could be an irrigation system, huge argricultural machines, some Belgian horses, a sailing vessel, 7000 white flower pots or an excavator.


Prins te Paard immerses it‘s audiences in an imaginary world, right from the moment people park their car until the very end of the show.

Prins te Paard is the name of several equally named 17th century warships and merchant ships that sailed the seas during the Golden Age of the Netherlands. Liset Moerdijk and Rutger Bergboer connect this historic fact with today’s adventure, upheaval, changes and hopes.

Before Prins te Paard, Rutger Bergboer and Liset Moerdijk worked together at theatre company ‘the Lunatics’ as artistic director and light designer.

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