Work in progress: Young Makers Exchange Germany-Netherlands

In cooperation with Kulturfabrik Löseke (Hildesheim, Germany) we are working on an exchange program of young Dutch and German theatermakers (and -techies, -bloggers, -set designers). As an extra program added to the show ‘Flight’ 16 young people from both countries make their own presentation. The group will start working on our home base, after which they will move to Hildesheim. There the result will be presented in July as support act for the Flight.

At present, we are finalizing the program. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.


Work in progress: Mannen og Hvalen

Commissioned by the Akershus theatre in Norway Etienne Borgers is making a new show: why man and the whale. Prins te Paard is designing the set and the lights. Anne Maeli Saether is director and the Figurteatret in Stamsund is co-producting.


work in progress: Y-man

In autumn 2015 we will launch our new location performance : Y- man. About a never finished railway station in a small village. And about a man who firmly believes that he’s the one that gets it done to have trains stopping there. Premiere in September in Emmeloord.

Illustrator Gert Vriend made ​​the first sketches , see below.



Hymns for a fossil combine harvester

Work in progress: hymns for a fossil combine harvester

In honor of our 10th anniversary, Prins te Paard bought a vintage Claes Combine Harvester. What ‘s going to happen next is the question. We’ll keep you informed.

birthday present

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