In December 2013 Prins te Paard first played the family performance ‘Cornelis’. In 2015 the show can be regularly seen on the street as a moving visual streetact. At daytime or in the evening.



Cornelis is a mythical figure who is half a fisherman and half a rambler. With his sailing vehicle he turns up in places where old stories are threatened by demolition , excavator or oblivion. Cornelis saves precious memories where neighborhoods are demolished , dikes are punched out, land is reclaimed or industrial areas are advancing.




The Flight

In The Flight theatre company Prins te Paard reconstructs the final mission of an allied bomber in World War II. The show tells the story of a war pilot who to this day is missing. The show offers a lot more than just conventional theatre.


Dijk In ’14

A 12 metre high dike, a large parking place, a strong FM transmitter, 9 video projectors, your own car and a radio play. These are the ingredients of the drive-in spectacle Dijk-In. You watch, sitting in your own car that is parked in front of the dike.

Opening ceremony Vollenhove bridge

Commissioned by Provincie Flevoland, Prins te Paard arranged the opening ceremony of the new bridge in Vollenhove. The bridge, a beautiful design from A & E Architects, is an important connection between the old and new land.



In Dutch, Waterwolf bears the meaning of the ongoing threat of the sea, ever hungry for land. In the forest where this show was staged, Dutch water engineers build large scale models of harbours, rivers, canals and delta’s form all over the world.

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Firmy Glas

In this show the (true) story of many greenhouse companies is told, in an actual greenhouse. The owners of this small greenhouse try to keep up with modernization and global competition.

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In the pond of a public park a special spectacle was made for the ‘Oord festival’. The show consisted of beautiful visual effects and atmosperic sounds and was viewed by more than 700 spectators.

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A dike of 12 meters high, a large meadow, a strong FM transmitter, two huge projectors, your own car and a radio play: these are the ingredients of the drive-in spectacle ‘Dijk in’.

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Midwinter Cinema

In December 2006 two hundred spectators watched a frail, old black-and-white documentary about the building of a dike in the new land. The film was projected on a steep dike that was painted white for the occasion.

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Audiowalk Schokland

Commissioned by Flevo-landschap two audio walks were made on the former island ‘Schokland’ (UNESCO world Heritage). Cultural history, stories and anecdotes alternate on this audio walk with MP3 players.

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Nordsten is a visual show about an old lighthouse keeper of the former island ‘Schokland’. He can’t get used to the idea that the sea has vanished. In the middle of the new (farm) land, he bravely keeps his lighthouse running.



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