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From July 6th to 20th Prins te Paard locationtheatre (NL) and KulturFabrik Loseke Hildesheim (D) are organizing an exchange theatre project that goes along with Prins te Paard’s show ‘Flight’.

There are eight Dutch and eight German participants (aged between 16 and 22 years). The exchange focuses on the meaning of the Second World War 70 years after it came to an end for a younger generation. We will interview Dutch and German eyewitnesses and visit places in both countries that have a war history.

In twelve days we work towards presenting our own show in Hildesheim (Germany). The program includes workshops on acting, on site specific theatre, on special effects and on stagecraft.

The first six days we stay at the Prins te Paard homebase in Nagele(NL). We then travel to Hildesheim where we finish the preparations.

This year, Prins te Paard performs her performance “Flight” in three different places. One of them is the German city of Hildesheim. The show, which tells the story of an American bomber pilot in World War II, has been carried out in Germany two times before. A lot of people in the audience reacted strongly to it. So that’s how the idea came up to have a youth exchange to go along with the show.





Thanks to: contributions from various funds (Erasmus+, Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, V-fonds)

shows in Hildesheim

The first week has started

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